Welcome to the IFC's Continuing Education Program! You'll find a wealth of resources in this course with training information from the best firestop manufacturer's in the world.

Are you trying to renew your IFC Firestop Special Inspector Exam?

Continuing education hours, assist professionals with maintaining various accreditations and certifications. Continuing education hours are also known as learning units (LU’s), continuing education units (CEU’s), and professional development hours (PDH’s).

The IFC Firestop Special Inspector exam expires after 3 years. Documented continuing education hours are now being accepted by the IFC in lieu of special inspectors re-taking the IFC Firestop Special Inspector Exam. There is always something new to learn to try and stay ahead in the passive fire protection industry.

If you want to maintain your professional certificate status, you have an option to either obtain 30 continuing education hours within 3 years OR re-take the 2-hr proctored online IFC Firestop Special Inspectors Exam. All 30 continuing education hours must be explicitly and primarily related to firestopping and submitted in the form of Certificates, with the number of hours stated on the Certificate for it to be valid. Any continuing education certificates from IFC manufacturer members that do not indicate the number of hours will be counted as providing 1 hour. If an education provider does not provide this information on the Certificate, contact the provider directly.

IFC Exam Certificate Holders are required to submit all course Certificates of Completion to the IFC here, preferably 30 days prior to exam certificate expiration.

It could take up to 30 days before the submittal is evaluated and a renewal certificate issued. Please submit 30 days prior to exam certificate expiration to ensure that you get your new certificate prior to expiration of your prior certificate. You can submit a CEU application for certificate renewal any time, even after your prior certificate expires.

Training must be obtained from one of the following:

  1. All IFC Firestop Training LIVE Seminar/Webinars and online courses, referenced within the program.
  2. An IFC Manufacturer Member, such as the companies listed in the curriculum as well as any Manufacturer Member listed here.

CEU/PDH course submittals will not be accepted if the specific course allows a video progress bar to be fast-forwarded, without watching the full video presentation. 

If you're looking for an IFC Premier level Certificate, be sure to include the IFC 4-hour 'Firestop Product Familiarization Training' course OR 8-hour 'Understanding IBC Firestop Special Inspection & Multi-Manufacturer Firestop Product Training' course in your 30 continuing education hours.

Examples of How to Calculate:

  • The IFC 4-hour 'Firestop Product Familiarization Training' course provides 3 continuing education hours.
  • The IFC’s 8-hour 'Understanding IBC Firestop Special Inspection & Multi-Manufacturer Firestop Product Training' course provides 7 continuing education hours.
  • The IFC’s 90 minute ‘Design & Code Enforcement Responsibilities for the Code Official & Project Design Teams’ online course provides 1.5 continuing education hours.

Each IFC registration page will tell you how many continuing education hours are offered and will be stated again on the Certificate of Completion. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

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If I'm participating in this program instead of retaking the IFC Firestop Special Inspector Exam, how do I submit my course credits? You'll need to submit all 30 course credits at the same time here.

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